Tips for Dinner Party Menus

March 14th 2011

dinner party

When planning a dinner party, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed about what you should serve. However, don’t let this part of the process hinder your entertaining efforts. Keep these points in mind as you sit down to develop the menu for your next dinner party.

1) Consider the theme or the atmosphere you want to set. The menu sets the stage for the entire evening, based on the type of dishes you serve. You could aim for a traditional, home cooked meal that features classic comfort foods. You may choose to get adventurous and thrill your guests with edgy, contemporary cuisine. However, if your guests are known for having picky palates, it may not be a good idea to try to turn them into culinary connoisseurs over the course of a couple of hours.

2) Be aware of the season as it relates to the menu. If the weather is hot and muggy, heavy entrees and hot soups will not go over well. On the flip side, a cold gazpacho probably won’t be as appetizing in the middle of winter. In addition, some seasons, such as fall and winter lend themselves to savory herbs and spices such as cinnamon and sage, while summer is a time to enjoy the abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

3) Choose foods that match the mood of your party. As you plan, decide if the party should be a sit down event with multiple courses or an informal gathering with lots of finger foods. Another option that is always popular is the potluck dinner party, where the host provides one of two main entrees, and the guests are required to bring a side dish or dessert and a beverage.
Not only is this type of gathering a bit more economical for the host, but it also gives each guest a chance to share in the joy of being a host by cooking part of the meal.

4) Plan for children, if necessary. If there will be children in attendance, consider serving a separate, simplified menu that contains kid-friendly dishes.

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White Party

March 4th 2011

Some people think it’s a great idea to throw an all white theme party. A white party is just that; it’s a party where everyone comes dressed in white, and the fun of the party is that all the decorations and even the food is close to white as possible. If you are hosting a white party there some things you might want to keep in mind.

First, what is the venue for your white party? This will determine what type of clothes that people will wear. When a person thinks of a white party they might think of something elegant. However if you’re having this white party in a backyard or at a beach, then a white tee shirt, white tank top, or white jeans and sandals are going to be appropriate and in keeping with having a good time at this party. What kind of foods can be served at a white party? Some people might think that they’d have to stretch their imagination, but the point is to get as to as close as white as possible.

20090240032940 5429 lg White Party

So having said that, one can choose to use bread, or bread wrapping such as tortillas or sandwich wraps, and filling centers close to white as possible such as chicken or pork. Lots of savory dishes in particular can be themed around a white party. There are quite a few desserts that could be made around a white party as well. If one uses their imaginations they could come up with a lot of ideas.

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Going To Dinner As A Guest Tonight

February 25th 2011

wine Going To Dinner As A Guest Tonight

If you have been invited as a dinner guest, there are certain protocols that need to be followed depending on the situation. You will either be invited as a dinner guest at a restaurant outing, or you will be invited as a dinner guest in someone’s home. If you have been invited as a dinner guest at a restaurant, you should get the exact time and location to meet your dinner host. In this instance, you won’t have to bring anything, but you should certainly RSVP as soon as possible, so that your host can reserve with the restaurant. You’ll want to ask about the attire, so that you don’t embarrass yourself, or the host showing up too casual, or too formal. Ask them about the food selections so that if there are foods that you don’t eat, you won’t make anyone feel discomfort when you arrive. If you are invited to the host home, RSVP so that they know how much food to prepare. Find out the attire of the dinner; some people do host formal dinners in their homes. It’s a good idea to bring a bottle of wine, flowers, or some other gift to thank the host. Ask if they would like you to bring a dish, or a desert if the event is casual enough for that. Be prepared to help out in the kitchen if needed, and you should offer if the event is casual, and it isn’t being catered.

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Removing Shoes Before Entering

February 18th 2011

show Removing Shoes Before Entering

Many people when they get invited over to someone’s home may be asked to remove their shoes when they enter the home. This might seem like a curious practice for some people. The reason why this is asked to be performed, is for several reasons. One reason is because the host might not want to have to clean their carpet any more than they have to. Shoes leave marks and dirt in the carpet. When people take off their shoes when they enter a home, the carpet stays cleaner, and the fibers last a lot longer. Second, the host may have just installed new carpet, or they have installed carpet that shows dirt very easily, such as white, cream, or tan colors. Again, the host is able to maintain the look of their carpet when they don’t have to worry about smudges, dirt, or mud stains. Finally, it could be the custom of the host to ask the guest to remove their shoes before entering. In Japan, and in many Asian cultures, it’s a sign of respect to remove the shoes when the guest into the home of the host. If you are a host that wants your guest to remove their shoes when entering your home, a nice touch to make up for any discomfort might be to have some slippers ready for your guest to wear indoors. Or you can offer them some nice booties or socks to wear to keep their feet warm and cozy.

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How To Keep Fruit From Turning Brown

February 11th 2011

fruit salad How To Keep Fruit From Turning Brown

Many people would love to eat fresh fruit, but the most common issue with fresh fruit, is that it goes bad very quickly. People may have great intentions when it comes to buying fresh fruit to eat, but they find that they get busy and before they know it, the fruit has turned brown. It gets lost at the back of the refrigerator, or it gets forgotten about in the fruit drawer, or the bananas get soupy and brown on the counter. When this happens, the fruit isn’t good to eat, or at the very least, it’s unappetizing. So what can a person do to prevent their fruit from turning brown, and from wasting money on fresh fruit? They can do a variety of things. When it comes to fruits such as apples, they can be sliced, and coated with a citrus juice such a lemons. The lemon juice can’t be tasted on top of apples, because apples are acidic as well. The lemon juice will just make them taste a bit more tart and sharp, but it will keep the fruit from turning brown. The same can be done for bananas that have been peeled. If they haven’t been peeled, then the best thing to keep them from turning brown, is to slow down the ripening process. Keep them away from heat, and too much light. This will work to preserve their state longer. The last thing to keep fruit from turning brown, is to remember to eat it. Don’t store them in a place where you will forget about them. If you won’t be able to eat them right away, consider chopping them up, and storing them in the freezer.

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How To Entertain On Winter Weekends

February 4th 2011

winter How To Entertain On Winter Weekends

Winter weekends can make people feel a bit of cabin fever, and certainly they will feel homebound. But there are ways to overcome feeling stuck in a rut due to the inclement weather that can come with winter weather. For example, you can host a variety of events in your home for your guests to enjoy. You can host a movie night. Make it extra interesting by going beyond simply playing a few DVDs. Host your own movie festival based on actors, themes, or plots. If your guests love a certain actor or actress, feature movies that they star in. If your guests love movies about a time period, or a genre such as mobster movies, then show a few of those. You get the idea, and you can get really creative with your choices. You can also plan snacks and drinks around your movie festival that tie in. You can also create excitement with a game night. Plan games to play. Send out invitations based around those games, and serve food that is driven to compliment the mood of the games. This ideas works really well with poker games. You can even get very creative with poker night, by creating themes around your poker games. You can do a night at the casinos, speakeasies, or a modern theme. You can finally host wine and cheese nights. These are wonderful and sophisticated events that can work with the right music and company. There are so many ways that you can enjoy the company of others, and the simple pleasures of life without having to leave home during the winter.

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Easy Entertaining – It’s Possible And Here’s How You Do It

November 25th 2010

table Easy Entertaining – It’s Possible And Here’s How You Do It

You love to spend time with your friends and family, but do you dread it when it is your turn to entertain for the evening? Entertaining can be a lot of work, especially if you work full time and have kids to take care of and drive to and fro. The easier you make it on yourself the more fun you will have. Here are a few tips that might help.

• Hire a cleaning service. If you are busy like most people these days, you don’t have time to keep your house spotless and that might keep you from inviting guests into your home. Make it easier on yourself by hiring a professional cleaning service to clean your home and make it sparkle before the day of your party. It will be money well spent.

• Cook food in advance. You might not be able to prepare all of your foods in advance the day before, but there are many that you can. This will cut down on the amount of work you have to do on the night of your dinner party and no one will be any wiser.

• Keep it simple. Your guests are coming over to enjoy good times with you and not sample a gourmet meal. There is no need to create a menu that is over the top and takes you all day to prepare. A simple meal of salad and pasta is perfectly fine if it is served well on your best dinnerware and WMF flatware.

• Make clean up time a breeze. You will be left with a lot of dirty dishes but if you cook foods in advance and keep your meals simple, you won’t have as many as you otherwise might. Still, take it easy on yourself. Load your dishwasher and go to bed, or load your dishes in the sink and deal with them in the morning. No one likes to wake up to a mess but it won’t hurt to do it occasionally if it helps you enjoy your dinner party.

Entertaining should be fun and easy and it can be if you keep the above tips in mind. Of course, your food should taste good, but don’t overlook the importance of delivery by using quality dinnerware. You can serve simple meals and your guest will think they are eating like kings if you use your best flatware and dishes.

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Dinner Party Ideas For Beginners – Learning How To Entertain

November 14th 2010

dinner party Dinner Party Ideas For Beginners – Learning How To Entertain

If you are not involved in dinner parties yet, you should give it a try. Many people seem to dread it because they don’t know what to serve or feel uncomfortable entertaining others. To get over your fear, start with close relatives and friends. You probably already have them over anyway but just don’t call it a dinner party.

Pretend they are coming for a dinner party and that they are casual acquaintances or co-workers so you can get used to going through the process with people you are comfortable with. Here are some easy dinner party ideas:

• Keep it simple. Now is not the time to try an elaborate new recipe. Choose foods you know how to cook well so you feel confident and will be less likely to make mistakes.

• Go for classy. Choose your best dinnerware, WMF flatware, and table decorations. Impress your guests when you have a dinner party. Never serve with mismatched dinnerware or flatware. Leave your everyday dishes in the cupboard and bring out the good stuff when you are entertaining guests.

• Go for a theme. To pull your party together, go for a theme of some sort. Rather than serve a hodgepodge of foods and drinks, put some order into your menu and you will exude a more experienced and professional air. For example, you may want to serve spaghetti for the main course, so follow up with an Italian dessert and wine. Create a centerpiece for your table that matches the meal you are serving.

• Learn how to small talk. Avoid those awkward pauses at the dinner table by keeping the conversation moving along. Remember, most people love to talk about themselves, so when the conversation starts to lag, ask your guests questions without coming across as nosey.

Learning to throw dinner parties really isn’t hard to do and you will have so much fun over the years bonding with your old friends and making new ones. It won’t be long until you start looking forward to hosting your next party.

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Thanksgiving Entertaining Made Easy

November 10th 2010

th Thanksgiving Entertaining Made Easy
Thanksgiving is a very important holiday to a lot of families. It is a time when distant relatives get together for a meal and share old memories and make new ones. It is also one of the more stressful times for you if you happen to be the one hosting the get-together.

You want everything to be perfect so you bring out your fine dinnerware and WMF flatware for the occasion. You bake your old standbys and clean your home until it sparkles. Once the event is over you are left with a mountain of leftovers and dirty dishes to clean up.

Make things easier on yourself. You deserve to enjoy the holiday too rather than being strapped to the stove. Here are a few tips to make Thanksgiving entertaining go a little easier on you:

  • Cook in advance. You can cook most of the foods you will be serving in advance and simply warm them up right before meal time. Spend the days leading up to Thanksgiving cooking and freezing foods so you won’t be so worn out on the big day.
  • Ask for help. Don’t try to do everything yourself. Ask relatives to cook side items or if they can’t do that, ask them to help you serve or clean up afterwards.
  • Plan the day ahead of time. Even if you have years of Thanksgiving entertaining under your belt, it is always a good idea to plan the day well in advance so you have enough dinnerware and won’t need to dash to the store for a forgotten recipe ingredient.
  • Go easy on yourself. You are probably the only one who expects you to be perfect so relax and enjoy your day as much as possible. Who really cares if you burn the biscuits? The food isn’t what is important about Thanksgiving, it is spending time with your loved ones and you don’t want to miss it because you spend all your time in the kitchen.
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Halloween Entertaining For Adults – Keep It Lighthearted And Fun

November 4th 2010


Who says Halloween is just for kids? It is also one of the most fun nights of the year for adults too. You can thrill your guests with a frightful meal and entertainment while the kids are out trick-or-treating with their friends. You can make your party as silly or upstanding as you want depending upon whom you invite.

Since most people expect the outrageous on Halloween though, it’s a great time to abandon the stuffy dinner parties and cut loose for the night. That helps if you decorate your home with spooky accessories like giant spiders, glowing skulls, and detached arms. Have your dinner guests wear costumes so they understand the evening will be lighthearted.

This is not the occasion for your good WMF flatware and dinnerware though. In fact, you can buy delightful disposable plates and utensils created in Halloween colors with cute graphics. Disposable dinnerware will make your clean-up job a lot easier too. There are all kinds of interesting foods you can serve at a Halloween party. A quick search online will have your head spinning with ideas.

Not only can you get creative with the food you serve, you can also create some interesting drinks and cocktails that fit in with the occasion. When it comes to Halloween entertaining, lighthearted and fun is the way to go. It is the one time you can relax a little and not worry about what dinnerware to use or how to make interesting small talk.

If you are not very experienced at entertaining or hosting dinner parties, then Halloween is a great time to start. No one will expect you to be perfect and thanks to the nature of the holiday, you can let your quirky side shine through without offending anyone. That means you will have less stress and more fun at your party.

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