A 1st Birthday Party Only Comes Once in a Lifetime

May 30th 2010 12:54 am

I don’t remember my 1st birthday party but I’m sure I had a good time. I remember my nephew and niece’s first birthday party and I know I had a good time. My nephew tried to take a big bite out his cake by putting his face right into the cake after his number one candle was removed. My niece took two handfuls of frosting and rubbed it into her hair. Whipped, vanilla frosting gave her hair a lovely sheen.

1birthdaycake A 1st Birthday Party Only Comes Once in a Lifetime

A 1st birthday party is more for the parents than the child, I think. It is a wonderful milestone to see your child reach their first birthday and why not share the day and celebrate with family and friends even though the one year old has no clue why so many people are in the house. Watching a one year old open presents is a lot of fun. They might tear through one or two gifts and then they will be onto something else like following mom around or playing with the other kids. Or they may have no interest in presents at all and the gifts will stay unopened in the corner of the room. And that will be the last time that child has no interest in presents.

A 1st birthday will be a busy day for the wee little one. They may not get their nap and become a little cranky before the day is out. They will most likely wear most of their cake and ice cream and a cup of soda may be generously applied to the child sitting next to them. The patience of the child will be tested as he or she is passed from guest to guest as they wish a happy birthday to their favorite one year old.

Since parents and their kids will be in attendance at the 1st birthday party, it will be a bit of a brag fest for the parents. They will most likely spend time trying to outdo each other with tales of their extremely talented child who is able to perform tasks of a much older child. But no one can explain why that same talented and intelligent child is sitting in the middle of the room picking their nose and wiping snots on their clothes.

Getting the kids to play a game will be a challenge. Dodge ball is probably out of the question as some kids will just run right into the ball or try to catch it, removing the challenge of the game. A piñata is a dangerous game anyway but putting a stick in the hands of a one year old whom stands about knee high can be a real danger to dad if they swing that stick at the closest thing to them and dad is the closest thing.

A 1st birthday party is worth ever picture taken and the extra work getting cake crumbs out of the carpet. It is a mile stone for the child and the parent who only has 17 more birthdays to go.

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5 Responses to “A 1st Birthday Party Only Comes Once in a Lifetime”

  1. Rene responded on 07 Jul 2010 at #

    I definitely agree that the 1st B-day is more for the parent then the child. The child doesn’t really get whats going on, and neither do the other kids running around. Some parents go overboard, but it is a big milestone.

  2. James responded on 11 Jul 2010 at #

    I enjoyed the article. It is true that the first birthday is more for the parent than the child, but the memories made (mostly through photographs) are definitely important.

  3. Joanne responded on 14 Jul 2010 at #

    Oh my gosh, you made me laugh so hard! I can so relate to the kid being bragged about being the seemingly least intelligent one in the room. That kills me every time! Hilarious post :)

  4. family lawyers Toronto responded on 20 Aug 2010 at #

    I’d say the first three days of birth – a holiday more for parents than for the baby)
    Deborah S.

  5. Maria responded on 26 Apr 2011 at #

    A child’s 1st birthday is more of a special ocassion for family and friends. It’s something you definitely don’t want to miss. You will have special memories that you can share with your child when they are older.

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