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Host a Casual 4th of July Party and Let the Good Times Roll

June 24th 2010


A summer time celebration doesn’t have to involve a lot of work, especially if you are on vacation. Host a casual 4th of July party and let the good times roll. Keeping it simple is the word of the day. Hot dogs and hamburgers or sausages and chicken wings or some combination of the 4, along with potato salad or macaroni salad will keep the troops fortified and happy. A simple menu won’t keep anyone tied to the grill all afternoon or evening and all will enjoy the festivities.

A corn on the cob extravaganza might be a good way to host a casual 4th of July party and wrap up the evening.Build a fire in the outdoor fireplace and boil up a kettle of homegrown corn on the cob. I am sure there are a multitude of farm stands with fresh picked corn for sale. Gather the kids together to husk the corn and have it ready when the fireworks go off. Sit back and enjoy the fireworks while enjoying corn on the cob. You’ll revel in the melted butter dripping down your chin and a nib let or two gets stuck between your molars. You can’t get any more American than that.

Keep your guests hydrated with plenty of cool fluids. Fill a couple of tubs with ice and keep them filled with soda, water, beer and wine. Be sure to keep the tubs in the shade and stash a couple of extra bags of ice in the freezer.

Plan and organize games for the kids to keep them busy while the adults chat and catch up. If you are near the beach, a few hours of sand castle building and swimming will be a given. If the beach has wind, bring along a supply of kites for the kids. Some of the adults may even join in on the kite flying fun. How about a game of horseshoes? The horses probably have their summer foot wear on and the shoes are available for a pitching good time. Who knows, maybe horseshoes will become the unofficial tournament of the Fourth of July. When the kids need a break, break out the popsicles. There is nothing that says summer or the Fourth of July more than sitting in the shade and cooling off with a grape Popsicle dripping down your arm. And of course, let the kids entertain themselves for a while. Just keep an eye on them.

Don’t forget your Fourth of July decorations. Make sure the red, white and blue is flying extra proudly that day. Red, white and blue balloons tied in bunches around the yard will give that festive look and at the end of the day, let the kids release the balloons into the wild blue yonder. Or save the release for after the fireworks. Line your drive or walk with flags and allow your guests to take them home after the party is done.

If you want to host a casual 4th of July party, remember to keep it simple. If everyone pitches in to help, everyone will enjoy the festivities.

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