How To Keep Fruit From Turning Brown

February 11th 2011 08:15 am

fruit salad How To Keep Fruit From Turning Brown

Many people would love to eat fresh fruit, but the most common issue with fresh fruit, is that it goes bad very quickly. People may have great intentions when it comes to buying fresh fruit to eat, but they find that they get busy and before they know it, the fruit has turned brown. It gets lost at the back of the refrigerator, or it gets forgotten about in the fruit drawer, or the bananas get soupy and brown on the counter. When this happens, the fruit isn’t good to eat, or at the very least, it’s unappetizing. So what can a person do to prevent their fruit from turning brown, and from wasting money on fresh fruit? They can do a variety of things. When it comes to fruits such as apples, they can be sliced, and coated with a citrus juice such a lemons. The lemon juice can’t be tasted on top of apples, because apples are acidic as well. The lemon juice will just make them taste a bit more tart and sharp, but it will keep the fruit from turning brown. The same can be done for bananas that have been peeled. If they haven’t been peeled, then the best thing to keep them from turning brown, is to slow down the ripening process. Keep them away from heat, and too much light. This will work to preserve their state longer. The last thing to keep fruit from turning brown, is to remember to eat it. Don’t store them in a place where you will forget about them. If you won’t be able to eat them right away, consider chopping them up, and storing them in the freezer.

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