Frozen Cocktail Ideas for the summer

July 15th 2010

cocktail maker Frozen Cocktail Ideas for the summer

Are you in a hurry? We all are. Daily agendas are usually packed with activities related to our children, office work, and of course Yoga classes- because with all of life’s stressors, we must at least make the time for health and fitness.

In an effort to keep up with busy agendas, many persons tend to grab “quick-fix”, thirst quenchers like sodas and energy booster drinks from supermarket freezers. This is done in an effort to boost energy levels. However, these cold sodas do nothing to quench the thirst, causing the individual to keep guzzling-down more and more. Sodas contain caffeine: an ingredient known to lead to health issues later in life; and of course the sweeteners introduce wait gain and diabetes.

It is not too late to change mind sets, and try a new kind of thirst quencher: a tasty frozen cocktails.

These may take more time to prepare, unlike the quick-fix options, but they are far healthier, using natural ingredients, and can be prepared at home! (Recipes for tasty frozen cocktails are available online).

A frozen cocktail can be defined as: “any drink that contains fruit, ice and other choice ingredients that can be blended to create a shake or slush”.

Frozen cocktail drinks have long been the pièce de résistance of summer days and tropical nights. Without a doubt, some of these frozen delights are available in abundance in the bars and taverns of most tropical vacation spots.

The drink has even received cinematic acclaim, with a movie being named for it, in the 1980’s. Surely, the movie’s producers believed there were enough mixes to keep the movie (and drinks) flowing. Screen actor, Tom Cruise would perhaps agree.

Earlier, it was suggested that tasty frozen cocktails can be made easily at home. By this, it is not meant that one should only blend enough for one serving. This would not be practical. Instead one could consider finding a large empty water bottle, and stretching the recipe so that there would be enough to enjoy now; the rest to be frozen for the future. As much as 3 large bottles can be done this way. A good idea would be to thaw one of these bottles in time for a planned get-together, to serve to guests. They would be delighted.

Hopefully this article has proven that even with our busy agendas, there is still merit in slowing down and taking the time to prepare this time-honored beverage of the summertime.

It may be awhile until you can book a flight to the island of Jamaica to enjoy one of these punches heralded by the movie Cocktails. So until then, enjoy the easy home recipe below.


2.5 cups grated raw beets
3 cups grated raw carrots
7 cups of evaporated full cream milk
3-4 trays of ice cubes
6 tablespoons molasses
2.5 cups sweetened condensed milk

Combine all ingredients. Serve immediately. Freeze the rest.

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Make your own Coasters

September 13th 2009

DIY coaster

When you have a houseful of guests, it is a good idea to make sure you have coasters displayed on your table tops. Encouraging guests to place their drinks on coasters rather than your nice stained table, will save you clean up and the frustration of trying to get those “rings” to disappear. I am liking this do it yourself coaster project from Martha Stewart. Pressed flowers dress up an ordinary coaster and table top. With Fall approaching, you can even try this with pressed leaves.

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Fresh and Fruity Appetizer

September 10th 2009

fruit skewer appetizer

For a simple (yet impressive) appetizer, you can create fruit skewers. Simply select whatever fresh fruit is in season in your local area and gather some skewers. Placing alternating types bite size pieces of fruit onto your skewer, you will have a fresh and colorful appetizer to serve guests. You can even add a little glaze over the finished fruit to give it an extra pizazz.

Check out this Fruit on a Stick recipe from You’ve Got Supper for the juicy details.

Get as create (or not) as you want to display your fruit skewers. Plate on a white platter, prop them up in a tall bowl…. regardless they will look impressive!

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5 Party Budget Tips

July 22nd 2009

istock 000005439624xsmall 5 Party Budget Tips

Entertaining can be expensive. from the decor to the menu… all the little expenses can add up rather quickly. Here are 5 tips that can help you keep your party expenses manageable. Go ahead, throw that party- just be cautious not to overspend.

1. Make your own desserts. No need to buy that fancy cake from the bakery, simply bake your own cake or other dessert. Even baking several different kinds of cookies and placing them on a large platter can look elegant. Save some dough without skimping on the sugar!

2. Keep your guest list small. You might want to invite all of your friends and neighbors, but resist inviting everyone. Hosting a smaller and more intimate party can really help you save money. Bonus: you will be able to spend more time chatting with fewer guests to juggle.

3. Skip the DJ and supply the party music yourself. You can play an ipod, mixed CDs, or a satellite radio and have great party music. Plan ahead and get your party music set up, turn it on, and enjoy. This is an easy way to save a lot of money.

4. Skip dinner. Plan your party earlier in the evening and serve appetizers rather than dinner. Dinner can be costly to provide for a party where as appetizers will be much more budget friendly.

5. Host your party at home. Resist booking a venue or resturaunt space for your party. Hosting your party at home can be just as nice and will save you a hefty rental fee.

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Hors d’oeuvres: Creative Service

July 15th 2009

appetizer toothpick decor

Pass the flowers  hors d’oeuvres! The next time you serve passed hors d’oeuvres, try this simple (yet elegant) idea from Martha Stewart. Dress up plain toothpicks by gluing a small decoration on one end like these daisies (shown above). Adding a tiny creative touch to your toothpick will make your appetizer tray look fabulous. You can also get creative with what you decide to pass your hors d’oeuvres on. Above you see a piece of wood; but what about a mirror, picture frame, or old vinyl record? Get creative and add those creative touched to your next party. Guests will surely be impressed!

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Celebrating Cinco de Mayo?

May 1st 2009

cinco de mayo party theme

Get inspired to celebrate this Cino De Mayo with these bold party ideas!

The Setting – Create decor using vibrant colors such as different shades of yellow, red, blue, pink, orange, and green. Anything bright will be perfect. Bright and bold paper lanterns would do the trick!

Table Top – Give your party that fiesta flair by using items like sombros or even small piñatas as centerpieces. If using flowers choose a flower like a gerbera daisy that can be found in many bold and bright hues.

Appetizers- For an authentic appetizer, try these mango skewers… YUM!

Cocktails – A festive Cinco De Mayo themed drink is a must! Make variations of tequila margaritas or even fresh mojitios would be appropriate. You can also place ice buckets full of Mexican brand beers on the tables. For non-alcohol sips the fruitier and more colorful the better! Think pineapple, mango, and strawberry drinks.

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Classic Party Theme: Black and White

March 11th 2009

Black and White just screams classic to me. Stylish, mature…yet always has a modern feel. A black and white party theme is fitting for many occasions, from weddings to a small dinner party. Here is an inspiration board to get your in the classic mood.

black and white party theme1 Classic Party Theme: Black and White


Party Inspiration Details

Set the stage with a simple and elegant table top. This black and white dinnerware from Noritake will pop placed atop a white linen table cloth. These damask cloth napkins would add texture to the table and can be purchased individually if you only need a few. Party decor like these candle stones, paper lanterns, and black and white place cards can really pull your theme together I found all of these great finds at Pink Frosting). For a sweet ending, serve guests Martha’s  fabulous cheesecake recipe. Oh- and don’t forget the cocktail! 

How about a Black Russian?

30ml vodka
30ml Kahlua coffee liqueur

To Make:
Shake the vodka and Kahlua together over ice and strain into a rocks glass filled with ice.

Black Russian – a delicious cocktail made from vodka and a coffee flavoured liqueur such as Kahlua. For a White Russian float some cream on the top – even more decadent!

(recipe via Polka Dot Bride)

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Not a Natural Hostess? No Problem!

February 23rd 2009

Hostess Tips

Not everyone is comfortable in the role of hostess, yet at some point you will surely find yourself being one. Whether you are throwing a birthday party, hosting Thanksgiving dinner, or just having friends over for cocktails, these tips will help you feel a bit comfortable in those awkward fitting hostess shoes.

1. Make a Simple Plan- The key here is SIMPLE. It becomes easy to over think and over plan when it comes to entertaining guests. Your menu, cocktails, and décor should be minimal. It is better to do a few things (and do them well) than to over extend yourself and feel overwhelmed. For food: serve two appetizers, one main course, and a side salad. For cocktails, have beer and wine and skip the endless options. As for décor, simply gather a few vases of flowers and group them together. How simple is that?

2. Borrow- If you are not frequently hosting parities you may find that your collection of wine glasses and dinner plates are slim. Don’t stress, just borrow! I bet someone you know (your Mom, Best Friend or Grandma), has a fabulous collection of fabulous dinner plates or wine glasses. I suggest you call them about a week before and start rounding up what you can. This will make it so much easier for you and they will feel like they are helping, a bonus!

3. Keep Your Style True- If you would not typically host (or enjoy for that matter) a formal dinner party, please do not throw one. Your guests will only be as comfortable as the hosts, so keep it simple and stay true to your style. If burgers and beer are more your style- go for it!

Do have tips that help make entertaining less stressful? Share them with us!


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