Make Your Super Bowl Party Extra Special

January 24th 2010

football Make Your Super Bowl Party Extra SpecialI’m not a sports fan, but even I am waiting to find out if the New Orleans Saints are going to the Super Bowl. I lived in New Orleans for 12 years and everyone loves an underdog.

Now that I’ve told you just about everything I know about sports, let me talk party food to you. That’s something I really have a knack for. If the Saints do make their way to the big game, make your party center around the food of New Orleans. Have a big slow cooker full of gumbo and another of jambalaya. This way, your guests will be eating the best food of all the Super Bowl parties on your block.

Most large supermarkets have frozen crawfish which adds an exotic touch outside of Louisiana. Use it in the dishes above or in a dip in place of crab. Also, change up the spices a little. You can try some of Emeril’s Essence, which is also available nationwide. Add a little cayenne or Tabasco to spice it up a bit. You can also do it all the easy way with Zatarain’s Mixes. It’s really all up to you.

If the Saints let us down, you can still do better than a table of chips and pre-made dips. Get out your little dipper Crockpot and make a fondue instead of the usual nacho cheese. Even if you use cheddar and beer in it, it’s still a step above. Have lightly toasted bread hunks, steamed veggies, and you can still have a few tortilla chips out for the die hard junk food fans. Turn a plain old bean dip into something special by adding some goat cheese in place of the usual Monterrey jack and puree some chipolte chilies in adobe sauce to replace the jalapenos.

Create a make your own sandwich buffet. Use your Sengware platters to put out an array of thin sliced meats and cheeses. Have and array of interesting rolls – ciabata, oat, whole grain, sunflower and more. Have a few unusual cheeses, including goat cheese, so the vegetarians have something yummy too. Put out smoked mustards, basil aoili, and even steak sauce, they all make a sandwich more interesting.

Have cute mini cupcakes in place of a big cake. You can make them easily at home and even healthy them up with whole wheat pastry flour if you want to. Make sure to put out a fruit tray so your friends can keep their new year’s resolutions at least a little longer.

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Make your own Coasters

September 13th 2009

DIY coaster

When you have a houseful of guests, it is a good idea to make sure you have coasters displayed on your table tops. Encouraging guests to place their drinks on coasters rather than your nice stained table, will save you clean up and the frustration of trying to get those “rings” to disappear. I am liking this do it yourself coaster project from Martha Stewart. Pressed flowers dress up an ordinary coaster and table top. With Fall approaching, you can even try this with pressed leaves.

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Accent with Linen Napkins

September 6th 2009

An easy way to add a bit of pizazz to your dinner table is by accenting with linen napkins. Choosing linen napkins that have a bright pattern, an elegant detail, or a vintage flair can add a uniqueness to your dinner table settings. Here are a few examples of linen napkins that would definitely spice up your table top.

wintage print linen napkin

Vintage Floral Print from Plum Party

Stiched linen-napkins-

Hemstitched Detail from Country Living

bright floral napkins

Bright and Bold Floral Print from Casa Sugar

Changing out small details (such as linen napkins) is an easy way to change the look and feel of your table top. You an also get creative with napkin rings which would provide even more interesting detail the next time you are setting your table.

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Creative Menu Idea

August 16th 2009


menu Creative Menu Idea

I love the idea of getting creative with your menu display. The gourmet goddesses over at Sunday Suppers came up with this rustic (yet sophisticated) option for displaying your individual menus: a paper bag.

Other creative menu displaying ideas are  mini chalkboards and/or small framed menus. Have fun and get a little creative when it comes time to let guests know what you’ll be serving.


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Glassware 101

July 24th 2009

black glassware

Cups, glasses, glassware… what’s the difference? Well, you should know the basic difference between two of the most common categories of glasses (glassware and tumblers). This information will come in handy if you are creating a wedding registry, working in a restaurant, or even hosting a fancy dinner. Who knows when or why you may need to distinguish between the two, but just in case- you will know.

Stemware vs Tumblers

Simply, stemware are glasses that have a foot or stem and that hold the beverages in a bowl shaped above that stem. Tumblers are glasses that have no foot or stem- they have a flat bottom that sits on the table directly.

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What are your Entertaining Essentials?

July 9th 2009

 fav kitchen item What are your Entertaining Essentials?

Every party hostess finds those “things” she just can’t do without. From a favorite pitcher to a favorite serving tray– often we have a few go-to pieces in the kitchen.

For me, I can’t entertain without using my large rectangular (white) serving platters. I have a large one and a medium sized one and have found many uses for each. From serving drinks on them to passing appetizers they have gotten many uses at my cocktail parties. They are such a basic kitchen staple for me that I often even use them to grab the patties off the grill during weeknight cooking.

I’d love to know what kitchen item you couldn’t do without. Share what items you use most and how you use it!

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5 Reasons to Host a Dinner Party

July 1st 2009

reasons to have a dinner-party

5 Reasons to Host a Dinner Party

1. You get an excuse to gather with your adult friends and catch up.
2. You get to meet the “better halves” of your good friends.
3. You can get creative in the kitchen and try new recipes.
4. You get to dress up- yourself and your dinner table.
5. You get to show off all that nice dinnerware you have been collecting.

Have a better reason? I’d love to hear it- share your favorite reason to host a dinner party in the comments below! Let’s see how many we can come up with.


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July 4th Party Details

June 24th 2009

July 4th is right around the corner so it is about time that you start thinking about those red, white and blue details. Add little patriotic details to your family dinner or large celebration to make the day feel festive. Here are a couple simple ideas that will help to turn the everyday into a patriotic day!

July Celebration

Add simple flags to whatever food you dish up– burgers to veggies.

untitled 6 July 4th Party Details

Brighten up your party table with these bold serving pieces. Serve up your beverages in this Sengware Pitcher in Pimento and your pasta dishes in this blue Sengware serving bowl for the perfect patriotic feel!


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Dinner Party Fun!

May 9th 2009

dinner party games

In all honesty, formal sit down meals can be well… a bit dull sometimes.  Why not perk things up a bit with a fun dinner party table game? I came across this game a while ago and it has become one of my all time favorites!

The Unlikely Sentence Game:

While dinner guests take their seat (before plates are served), give each guests a piece of paper and have them make up an unlikely sentence (“Telly Savalas had a phobia of escalators,” say, or “The ancient Egyptians made sunscreen out of dried camel dung”).  Once written down,  place them all in a hat and have each guest pull one out before dinner. The challenge is that during dinner, challenge guests to slip their sentence into the conversation in a natural way without being called to attention (with the  originator of the sentence keeps mum of course).

This game really is a lot of laughs and keeps your dinner guests both talking and engaged. Try it!

{Party game via Evite}

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Make a Statement with Trendy Party Supplies

April 18th 2009

My favorite reason to host a party is actually no reason at all. I love having friends and family over “just because.”  Without a Christmas color scheme, birthday decor, or formal attire, I find it fun to get a bit creative when entertaining. Here are a few trendy party supplies you might not otherwise use; but that can really make a statement.  Mix up patterns and bold colors and your decor will be as vibrant as your party.

retro cake-platters

Retro Cake Platters {set of 2}

flower napkin rings

Whimsical Flower Napkin Rings

orange placemats Make a Statement with Trendy Party Supplies

Modern Orange Placemats {set of 4}

These are a few bold party accessories I found that can get your creativity flowing. Now- all you need is a non-reason to host a party!

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