Decorate with your Dinnerware

September 3rd 2009

Did you know you can decorate with your dinnerware? No, I am not talking about tablescapes either…think wall art! Grouping a few graphic dinner plates for wall display can add a dramatic touch to your interior decor. Not only will your unusual decor make a statement, but it is a cheap alternative to expensive framed photos and paintings.

dinnerware decor


plates as decor

brocade home Decorate with your Dinnerware

Not only are these wall displays interesting, they have a really cool eclectic feel to them. You can also check out more plates displays over at Casa Sugar, they even have some DIY tips for making one of your own.

images via the Santa Makers Journey blog.

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Dinnerware with Personality

August 8th 2009

counter 170 Dinnerware with Personalityserveware 170 Dinnerware with Personality

If you want your looking for  dinnerware that has a punch of personality, check out the Fiesta collection that has an art deco feel. Not only are these pieces bold and vibrant, they are very practical.

- Dishwasher safe

-Oven Safe

-Microwave and freezer safe

The Fiesta dinnerware collection comes in 15 fabulous colors; a little something for everyone!

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Garden Goodies

June 18th 2009

I love to garden. There is something so soothing about dewy grass and the smell of soil to me. During Spring and Summer, I like to be outdoors in the garden as much as possible. If you like to garden as well, I am sure you will enjoy these fabulous Etsy garden goodies I discovered. Bring a bit of your love for the garden indoors. Take a look!

Garden PillowGarden Journal

herb markers

I love to browse through Etsy finds and discover new items. My garden goodie search was very successful! Above: Handmade Garden Pillow ($39.00), Garden bound Journal ($10.00), and Stoneware Herb Pot Gift Set ($36.00).

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Decorating with Photos

May 20th 2009

photo decorations

Using family photos is a great way to decorate not only your home, but also any party space. The next time you are entertaining in your home, consider using personal photos as decoration. If you are hosting a formal dinner party with friends, gather a few photos of your guests and place them in simple frames. Set the photos in your entry way, the bar area, or the dessert table. Not only will this add a personal touch– I am sure the photographs will stir up conversation as well.

If you are celebrating a birthday, graduation, bridal shower, or other memorable occasion– gather photos of the guest of honor to display. Selecting candid shots always gives framed photos a sense of life that others will enjoy looking at.

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Reuse Items for Unique Home Decor

April 8th 2009

Take a double look, these items are not what they appear to be. A new green trend is to reuse and re-purpose items around the house to fit your needs. Here are two creative ideas I just had to share!

Books for shelves? License plates as bookends? Who would have thought?

Recycled book shelf

Get the scoop on how to turn your old books into a new and unique bookshelf. Find the instructions over at Inhabitat.

recycled bookends

This bookend idea is so creative. Dig out those old license plates from the garage and put them to good use! Check out how the how-to from Fun in the Making.

The key here is those well known three R’s… recycle, reduce, and reuse! Now, go find something old to make new in your home and come back and share with us!

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