Crack Open the Rainbow and Celebrate With a Colorful Birthday Party

June 3rd 2010

If you decide to have a colorful birthday party, use the rainbow as your color scheme. Pick colors from the artist’s palette for everything from invitations to decorations to food. Mark the location of the party with a brightly colored bouquet of balloons tied to the mailbox or tree out front of the party location. Encourage attendees to wear their best and brightest colored clothes to the event.

Send out invitations with every color in a box of 8 Crayola crayons. If it is a kid’s party send out invitations that the recipients can color and return to be included in a coloring contest. Award a small prize for the best and brightest coloring job. Send each kid home with a grab bag filled with brightly colored trinkets.


Decorate the party venue with red corvettes, blue moons, big yellow taxis, red apples, purple grapes, brown chocolate, purple Kool-Aid, rainbows, pink carnations, red roses, strawberry fields forever, green clover, yellow hay, pink elephants, yellow beans, silver bullets and gold rush.

How would a menu fit into such a birthday party? Start with a big bowl of fruit, crispy vegetables, cheese popcorn and multi colored M&M’s. The colors may clash but no one will notice. For cold drinks include different flavors of soda, juice and Hawaiian punch. If adults are at the party include Mai Tai’s, scorpion bowls and pina coladas with colored stirrers. Make different colored ice cubes for the punch bowl and the cold drinks.

mm1 Crack Open the Rainbow and Celebrate With a Colorful Birthday Party

Nothing says a colorful birthday party by setting the table with red table cloths, yellow napkins and plates and orange cups. Don’t forget brightly colored disks to be used for coasters, colored straws for the kids and the big kids. Cover the serving trays with different colored deli paper. Toss handfuls of confetti on the tables and maybe even the floor, stick balloons of different colors to the walls and ceilings, toss streamers at the guests as they enter the room.

Most food and condiments have a lot of color to them but accentuate the colors with their arrangement on the table. Arrange the mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise and relish in containers that look like a paint box. If you serve food that involves sauce or gravy put them in small paint buckets. I am relating painting with color schemes here. Corn on the cob piled on a platter will be like setting the sun on the table.

For entertainment play songs with colors in the title. Ask everyone to insert different colors as much as possible into the conversation. (“Boy did I have a crappy brown day today.”) Play charades but have the participants act out their favorite color. (“Hang loose with chartreuse” might be an interesting charade.). Movie trivia might be guessing movies with colors in the title. A cool kid’s game might be a scavenger hunt where they will have to find a red sneaker, a red headed kid, a green apple or a handful of green clover.

Possibilities of a colorful birthday party are endless and with a little colorful forethought, it will be successful.

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Murder Mystery Dinner

August 29th 2009

There are many reasons to host a dinner party, and one of them is for the chance to get creative with a “themed” dinner party. One  theme you can try for your next dinner party is a mystery dinner. The whole dinner party would be focused around finding out “who done it” and each dinner guests will be a part of the mystery. You can send out murder mystery invitations online which will allow you to send each guest unique information. Tell them what character they will be playing so they can dress the part (dressing up will add to the fun). Check out these murder mystery online invites from My Punch Bowl.

murder mystery invitation

They also have other fun tips to plan your murder mystery dinner party, so get planning!

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Contest: Summer Entertaining

August 12th 2009

fbcontest summerentertaining Contest: Summer Entertaining

Do you entertain? Upload your best “Summer Entertaining” photos and enter Hostess With The Mostess’ Facebook contest! Check out the fab prizes they are giving one very lucky winner. Five finalists will be selected then it’s open for a vote on The HWTM Facebook page!

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July 4th Party Details

June 24th 2009

July 4th is right around the corner so it is about time that you start thinking about those red, white and blue details. Add little patriotic details to your family dinner or large celebration to make the day feel festive. Here are a couple simple ideas that will help to turn the everyday into a patriotic day!

July Celebration

Add simple flags to whatever food you dish up– burgers to veggies.

untitled 6 July 4th Party Details

Brighten up your party table with these bold serving pieces. Serve up your beverages in this Sengware Pitcher in Pimento and your pasta dishes in this blue Sengware serving bowl for the perfect patriotic feel!


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Celebrate… Just Because!

May 29th 2009

Pink Table Setting

Sometimes we need to celebrate…just because. Here are 3 ways I have created celebrations out of typical days.

1. My daughter lost her tooth so I made a fancy dinner and hung party streamers and we called it a “Farewell Tooth Party.” My daughter thought it was so fun!

2. I set the table with our fine dinnerware and we celebrated “Wonderful Wednesday.” During dinner each family member mentioned something they thought was wonderful that day.

3. After having a typical weeknight meal, I reset the table with fancy linens and lit candles and we had a “dessert party” which was a big hit!

What are some creative ways you have turned ordinary days into big celebrations?



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Celebrating Cinco de Mayo?

May 1st 2009

cinco de mayo party theme

Get inspired to celebrate this Cino De Mayo with these bold party ideas!

The Setting – Create decor using vibrant colors such as different shades of yellow, red, blue, pink, orange, and green. Anything bright will be perfect. Bright and bold paper lanterns would do the trick!

Table Top – Give your party that fiesta flair by using items like sombros or even small piñatas as centerpieces. If using flowers choose a flower like a gerbera daisy that can be found in many bold and bright hues.

Appetizers- For an authentic appetizer, try these mango skewers… YUM!

Cocktails – A festive Cinco De Mayo themed drink is a must! Make variations of tequila margaritas or even fresh mojitios would be appropriate. You can also place ice buckets full of Mexican brand beers on the tables. For non-alcohol sips the fruitier and more colorful the better! Think pineapple, mango, and strawberry drinks.

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Entertaining Outdoors, It’s Spring!

April 30th 2009

The sun is out, the breeze is mild and the air is filled with the sweet smells of spring. Where better to host your next dinner party (or luncheon) than outdoors? Taking your party outdoors almost makes it easier to plan. The blue sky and surrounding greenery offers instant decor, the springtime fragrances fill the air and replace your need for candles. Outdoor surroundings fill up your space which means you are required to do less, buy less, and make less. I say, gather a few things you have around already and repurpose them for entertaining. Here are two great ideas courtesy of Martha.

garden party ideas

I love this simple idea. Transform flower pots into serving dishes and platters. This is a great way to pull your outdoor dinner party together and in a very frugal way.

garden party details

It doesn’t get easier than this! Pluck a few leaves off your outdoor trees and you have instant spring coasters!

Here are just a couple decor ideas for your outdoor entertaining. We would love to hear how you celebrate spring outdoors as well!

Photos via Martha Stewart Living

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Let Them Inspire the Party Theme!

April 22nd 2009

kids party

It’s that time of year again– time to plan your child’s birthday party. What will it be this year? Firetrucks? Star Wars? Oh the decisions.

Rather than trying to come up with the perfect party theme for your child’s birthday yourself, let them inspire you! Check out these three ways your child can inspire his own party theme!

What he watches: Is it endless replays of Shrek? What about that cartoon on Disney Channel he cannot get enough of? If your child is always eager to watch something in particular, chances are they would be thrilled with a birthday party focused on that show or movie.

What he does: Is your child constantly playing with his dinosaurs or pushing his toy tractors around the house? Pick a party theme inspired by what he likes to do. Whether is be is favorite action toy or outdoor activity. Soccer party to play dough party- he’ll be happy to participate if it is already one of his favorite things to do!

What he is interested in: If your child is fascinated by art and always creating little materpieces- then I say have an art party! Does he love science? Do some experiments. Children are naturally curious, it would be great to run with one of his interests and create a party around it. You’ll be sure to keep his attention!

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Party Themes for Kids

April 3rd 2009

Some of my favorite parties are kids parties. Birthdays, school parties, holiday celebrations, any kid-orientated event I love! Perhaps its the whimsical decor or pure excitement in the air, I just think children’s parties are magical. Here is one of my all time favorite party themes for kids…Robots!

robotparty Party Themes for Kids

These super cool Robot Party theme is sure to create excitement for all ages. I love the bright colors and how unique this theme is. Check out these cool robot themed party ideas. I love the little details like the silver pipe cleaners wrapped around the forks- perfect touch!

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Easter Brunch Ideas

March 25th 2009

Easter is the perfect occasion to host an intimate brunch. With Spring in the air, and close family and friends- your Easter brunch can be a great time to gather and enjoy nice company. I found this cheery spring brunch idea over at Simple Stated and I think it would be perfect for an Easter brunch.

yellow-party theme-easter-brunch

You could serve up lemonade, lemon meringue pie, egg salad– get creative with this sunny and warm color scheme. Here are some brunch necessities that coordinate perfectly. Find out more about this Easter brunch idea and where to shop over at Simply Stated.

Easter-brunch ideas

{Special thanks to  Jennifer Sbranti}

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