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OneidaŽ Flatware

The Oneida company is one of the largest manufacturers of stainless steel flatware anywhere, as well as the creator of the five most popular flatware lines in the world. With so many different designs to choose from, including modern, classic, and decorative styles, there is an Oneida family for almost everyone. Once you’ve chosen your favorite style, select from many different individual pieces and sets preassembled for your convenience, and create your own perfect Oneida collection.

Oneida Flatware SALE!
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OneidaŽ Aero

OneidaŽ Aquarius

OneidaŽ Aurora

OneidaŽ Brahms

OneidaŽ Capello

OneidaŽ Castellina

OneidaŽ Chateau

OneidaŽ Classic Pearl

OneidaŽ Compose

OneidaŽ Couplet

OneidaŽ Curva

OneidaŽ Dover

OneidaŽ Easton

OneidaŽ Frost

OneidaŽ Gold Julliard

OneidaŽ Interlude

OneidaŽ Julliard

OneidaŽ Lagen

OneidaŽ Louisiana

OneidaŽ Lyric

OneidaŽ Marquette

OneidaŽ Michelangelo

OneidaŽ Othenia

OneidaŽ Paul Revere

OneidaŽ Prose

OneidaŽ Satin Aquarius

OneidaŽ Satin Astragal

OneidaŽ Satin Dover

OneidaŽ Sheraton

OneidaŽ Stiletto

OneidaŽ Stockholm

OneidaŽ Taraza

OneidaŽ American Harmony

OneidaŽ Amsterdam

OneidaŽ Boutonniere

OneidaŽ Carolina

OneidaŽ Colonial Boston

OneidaŽ Flight

OneidaŽ Lincoln

OneidaŽ Maderno

OneidaŽ Mercer

OneidaŽ Moda

OneidaŽ Mooncrest

OneidaŽ Satin Garnet

OneidaŽ Satin Sand Dune

OneidaŽ Stafford Mirror

OneidaŽ Tuscany

OneidaŽ Voss

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Oneida Paul Revere 68pc Service for 12
Oneida Paul Revere 68pc Service for 12
Special SALE! - $299.85
You save $375.15 (56%)
Noritake Colorwave Blue 4 Pc. Place Setting
Noritake Colorwave Blue 4 Pc. Place Setting
Special SALE! - $39.99
You save $40.01 (50%)
Oneida Dover 68pc Service for 12
Oneida Dover 68pc Service for 12
Now on SALE! - $499.95
You save $625.05 (56%)

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